• Educational Justice

    Because we are our children's superheroes
  • Immigration Reform

    Because for 11 million people, it hurts to wait for love.
  • Labor Reform

    Because a city has no greater wealth than its workforce.
  • Access to Services

    Because the growth of a community is bound to its resources.
  • Civic Participation

    Because your voice is the greatest threat to injustice.

  • Making the Difference

    Because yes, we can.
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Tune In.

Whether we're firing questions at debating candidates or busting down doors to demand justice, our Twitter and Facebook followers are right there with us. Tune into our channels and get the latest on the action. Celebrate our successes and contribute your thoughts and opinions on issues that truly matter. View photos of our events and get the details for what's next.

Be a Part of It.

No matter who you are, what financial, emotional, or physical state you're in, regardless of your age, gender, religion or background, everyone has a role to play. Join us at one of our Leadership Development Institutes to develop your skills as an activist, or jump right into the frontlines at one of our rallies. Feel what it's like to be part of something amazing, we're all waiting for you to join your voice to ours.

Make It Happen.

A revolution of this size, a fight against such large and well equipped powers, requires weapons. Not the sort that kills, but the weapons that awaken minds and shake reality. The bullhorns, the picket signs, the banners, and all of the costs of our rallies and events rely on donations from organizations, businesses and individuals like you. Help to power this movement by making a donation today. 





ABC's Tiempo interviews La Fuente (Pt. 4) - 1.19.14

La Fuente and the Northwest Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights discuss the push to give undocumented immigrants a driver's license in New York.

Our Blog

La Fuente launches its new website!

styled-logoWhile we have slowly undergone a modernization of our logo and our campaign art, our biggest change is this, our very new website. Our site features our blog, our photos, our videos, news from around the web and forms that you can fill out and instantly submit to become involved.

The site is available in both English and Spanish. Our social feeds on our home page update automatically to bring you the latest tweet, Facebook post or video from our Youtube channel. Over the next couple of years, we will grow our website to include new features that will help in presenting our campaigns and organizing our members. Stay posted and we hope you enjoy our new online headquarters!

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'Hispanic' Or 'Latino'? Polls Say It Doesn't Matter — Usually

As more and more politicians and businesses court the Hispanic/Latino demographic, there's more and more confusion about how to refer to the people who fit into it.
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